No.1 あなたは、そのペンを時々使いますか。
No.2 あなたは、昨日、そのペンを使いませんでした。
No.3 around The the ran dog tree.
No.4 sea summer He in the last swam .
No.5 morning have I breakfast didn't this.

[ Section 1 ]

No.1 What did you do last Sunday?
No.2 I played a video game with my friend.
No.3 What did you study last night?
No.4 I studied science last night.
No.5 What did he drink yesterday morning?
No.6 He drank grape juice.

[ Section 2 ]

No.7 Where did she go 3 days ago?
No.8 She went to the library with her friends.
No.9 Where did they play basketball last Saturday?
No.10 They played basketball in the gym last Saturday.

[ Section 2 ]

No.11 How many flowers did you buy at the shop?
No.12 I bought 5 flowers at the shop.
No.13 How many dogs did he have 4 years ago?
No.14 He had 7 dogs 4 years ago.
No.15 How many doughnuts did they eat at the party?
No.16 They ate 32 doughnuts at the party.

[ Section 2 ]

No.17 When did you finish your homework?
No.18 I finished it two days ago.
No.19 When did he go to the US?
No.20 He went to the US last month.
No.21 What time did she come home yesterday?
No.22 She came home at 8 yesterday.

[ Picture : illness ] (病気)

What's the matter? : どうしたの。     I have a ...

a b c d e
headache stomachache cold fever sore throat
頭痛がする 腹痛がする かぜをひいている 熱がある のどが痛い

[ Ordinal number ]  (順番を表す数字)
a b c d e f g h i j
21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th

No.1 元気ですか。
No.2 元気です。
No.3 まあまあですね。